Frank Beerepoot

Client & Contractor - Project Manager

“Tomas heb ik leren kennen als een professionele manager die op een enthousiaste en plezierige wijze snel resultaten boekt. Dit zowel als leverancier van kandidaten tijdens mijn interim periode als Manager Engineering bij Topec, als in de samenwerking als interim PM bij SAS Offshore BV.”

Jeroen Dalderup

Contractor - Commissioning Manager

“Tomas is a very committed and dedicated person, who thinks in solutions, he listens to and understands the needs of clients as well as contractors. I can recommend Tomas as a highly professional person and enjoy doing business with him.”

Murat Inci

Contractor - Lead Engineer

“Tomas is not only a good recruiter who knows the market, jobs and skills needed, but he is also a very good person who will try to take care of you as good as he can, always interested in your wellbeing. His hunch alone has helped me to change my life in a better way.”

Jack Boersema

Client - Hiring Field Service Manager

“Tomas was my recruiting agent, he is very knowledgeable very proactive very open and goes only for 100% client satisfaction. Besides that he wants to know what is exactly needed. He was a couple of times successful to find for us good candidates. I call him the friendly pit bull, because he is not stoppable this is a good attitude.”

Branko Lukac

Contractor - Field Engineer

“We had very good cooperation because Tomas understands technical and human issues. All obstacles had been solved in the best possible way and timely. Even worked in restricted conditions, never faced any problem. Thanks to his perfect support we finalized our project without delay or misunderstanding. Based on my experience with office support staff, can confirm that Tomas is one of the top in that kind of business.”

Michiel Neder Helman

Contractor - Quality Manager

“Afgelopen jaar een slecht nieuws gesprek gehad met Tomas, naar aanleiding dat ik mij niet langer kon verbinden met de gedachte van de klant. Tijdens het gesprek en de daar opvolgende periode bleef hij professionele werkmethode volgen, zowel naar de klant als naar mij. Al met al toch een bijzondere tijdsperiode en ervaring, welke mede dankzij Tomas goed verlopen is.”

Antonio Tondera

Client - Hiring Project Manager

“Siemens has a permanent request to have Senior Engineers and Commissioning Engineers on their projects. My re-source requests are directly given to Tomas van de Groes. My experience with Tomas is very positive. His way of act is very professional and very pro-active. Tomas reacts directly in all matters of my requests I put in his hands. He also presents different options to find the best possible person for the required activities on site. I have all the confidence in Tomas that the results are reaching my requirements.”

Adhiraj Divekar

Contractor - Lead Engineer

“As I was relocating from my home country to Netherlands, his help was greatly appreciated starting from negotiating with client till settling down here. He has great deal of knowledge about the market and implements the same while finding right jobs for right candidates. I will surely want to keep in touch with him in the future!!!”

Norman Ligtenberg

Client - Hiring Technical Manager

“Tomas is meerdere malen in staat geweest om een goed passende kandidaat op een zeer korte termijn te selecteren en aan ons aan te bieden. De kandidaten zijn snel geïntegreerd in ons project (DNWW = De Nieuwe Warmte Weg) en daardoor snel en goed inzetbaar gebleken. Tomas is in staat om door goed te luisteren en door te vragen een goed beeld te vormen van het benodigde functieprofiel, goed uit te zetten in de markt (resp. binnen de pool) en na een zorgvuldige voorselectie de juiste kandidaat aan te bieden. Ook de communicatie tussen Tomas en V&SH is als zeer goed ervaren.“

Amir Sina

Client - Hiring Project Manager

“In the past three years, Tomas and I had very closed cooperation in providing professional field service engineers for several oil and gas projects. Tomas is cooperative, responsive and customer oriented. I am looking forward working with Tomas again.”

Geri Mclean

Contractor - Principal Engineer

“Tomas’ performance has been exemplary over the 19 months that I have worked with him. Tomas provided continuous feedback, checked on my overall wellbeing and has deserved my respect and admiration as an agent.
I have been an engineer for over 20 years and my interaction with Tomas and Jacobs has been the best so far in all my career.”

Peter Pronk

Contractor - Snr. Design Engineer

“Tomas was very much involved and kept contact regularly and in a pleasant manner. Tomas is passionate about his work and does what he promises. Tomas does have enough knowledge about my job. It is nice to know Tomas. I will sure keep in touch with Tomas.”

Jovo Trifkovic

Contractor - Field Engineer

Great personality. Easy to communicate and work in a team, trustful friend in & out the job.”

Alexander Bonardi

Contractor - Field Supervisor

“I believe Tomas has an edge on the others: he is passionate of his job! 
He goes out of his way to help and learn as much as possible, and the result is a very professional person to work with.”

Mauro Tangianu

Contractor - Commissioning Engineer

“Tomas is a very active and positive person, always available to any of mine requests. He is also curious about the technical details of the work of his employees and try to get best satisfaction result for the clients / employees. Actually I am glad to be working with Tomas and if in the future somebody have doubts to hire him my answer is: just do it.”