Privacy Statement Modus Engineering B.V.

This privacy statement applies to the processing of personal data and has been drawn up in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The controller for the processing of personal data and user of this privacy statement is: Modus Engineering B.V., Herengracht 252, 1016 BV, Amsterdam, Chamber of Commerce number 69017034.

Processing of personal data

We collect your data from the moment you fill in or leave your data on our website or you register in another way to use our services. This privacy statement is applicable regardless of the way that we collect your data. We will not use your personal data for any purpose other than those indicated in this statement. Personal data will not be shared with third parties without your consent, unless there is an administrative or legal obligation to do so, or a court order to that effect.

 – Cookies –
Our website uses cookies, but only with your permission. As soon as you visit our website, you will be presented with an explanation of cookies and can decide whether to accept or reject them.

– Contact details –
By filling in and sending a contact form on our website, you are providing us with your personal contact details. We only use this information to contact and communicate with you, or in the context of the services agreed with you. We will only use your contact details to contact you for newsletters, vacancies, promotions or activities if we have agreed this with you or you have signed up for it (opted in). You can opt out from this at all times.

– Other personal data –
If a service agreement is concluded, we will have more personal data at our disposal than just contact details. We only use these personal data in the context of the services agreed upon with you and only collect data that we consider necessary or useful in that context.

– Intermediation data –
If you register (whether or not by means of a form on our website) to be included in our candidate database, you are providing us with your personal contact details and other personal details, whether or not recorded in a curriculum vitae, hereinafter to be referred to as your “intermediation data”. If you wish to respond to a vacancy (whether or not using a form on our website), this is only possible if your details are included in our candidate database. You need to register for this.

We only use your intermediation data:

  • To contact and communicate with you, in the context of intermediation as mentioned below;
  • In order to assess your suitability and availability for vacancies which, in view of the data you have provided, could be relevant to you and for which we can contact you if desired;
  • Where appropriate, in the context of an application process.

– Employment relationship data –
If we enter into an employment relationship with you on the basis of an employment contract or contract for services, we must have at our disposal personal data relevant in that connection, such as nationality, BSN number, ID card, work permit and other data relating to the personnel, salary and absenteeism records. We only process this personal data for the purpose of entering into and maintaining the employment relationship, and for performing the administrative duties in that respect;

– Personal data of employment relationships –
We have personal data of employees (especially contact persons) of companies and institutions with which we maintain business relationships. We process this personal data in order to enter into and maintain a business relationship or to enter into and maintain an agreement.


We have made every effort to ensure that your data is safe with us. When processing personal data, we make use of one or more processors, such as an internet service provider. To safeguard privacy and ensure technical security, we have concluded processing agreements with processors in accordance with the requirements set out in the GDPR. Your data will not be processed outside the EU. As controller, we remain responsible.

Personal data recorded in physical form are stored in a proper lockable space, so that third parties do not have access thereto.

Retention periods

– General –
We do not store your personal data for longer than is reasonably necessary for the purpose of processing. For data subject to a statutory retention period, this statutory period will apply at all times.

– Specific –
Without prejudice to the statutory retention periods, the following retention periods apply. 

  • Contact details:
    If no agreement has been concluded with you and/or your contact details are not kept for one or more of the other purposes indicated in this statement, your contact details will be deleted 12 months after receipt.
  • Other personal data:
    Personal data collected within the framework of the services agreed with you will be stored for up to 24 months after the end of the agreement and will then be deleted or destroyed.
  • Intermediation data:
    Your intermediation data will be kept as long as you are registered in our candidate file. If you have not been contacted for more than five years, you will receive a message from us asking whether or not you wish to remain registered.

If you no longer wish to be approached, you can deregister via a link included in this message. You can deregister at all times via Your intermediation data will be deleted or destroyed after your deregistration.

Employment relationship data:
Personal data collected in the context of an employment relationship will not be stored for longer than 24 months after the end of the employment contract or contract for services and will then be deleted or destroyed.

Rights of data subjects

We respect your privacy rights and will cooperate to ensure that you can exercise the rights granted to you in the GDPR. Examples of this are the right to inspect, correct and delete your personal data. If you wish to exercise your rights, you can contact us about this. Our contact details are stated on our website.


We reserve the right to make changes, additions or amendments to this privacy statement if we consider such necessary. The most current version can be viewed on our website at any time. This version was drawn up in May 2018.

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