About us

Modus Engineering

Modus Engineering specializes in finding permanent or temporary jobs for mechanical professionals in Belgium & The Netherlands. Due to our specialisation we understand exactly which professional will make a project succeed.

About Tomas:

Modus Engineering is founded by Tomas van de Groes. Tomas is born and raised in the south of The Netherlands and spend his youth on the farms of his family. After the graduation of his Bachelor of Business Administration he went travelling in Africa, Australia and Asia. The combination of his Dutch sobriety and the influence of foreign cultures has made Tomas the person he is today.

Tomas began as a recruitment consultant in 2009 and has been working the last 8 years as a recruiter in the heavy industry. Tomas noticed that often the recruitment processes are being made unnecessary complex and unpleasant. It is his drive to give a professional, efficient, easy and pleasant service to clients & professionals.

In his spare time Tomas is involved in sports like tennis, running and contact sports.

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